is a graphic designer based in Valencia interested in editorial design and brand identity creation.
Currently working at Simuero.

El Jardí del Túria fa 35 anys

After the 1957 flood, plans began to divert the Túria river and repurpose its old riverbed. Citizen protests with the slogan "El riu es nostre i el volem verd" ("The river is ours, and we want it green") led to the creation of a garden instead of a highway. The anniversary marks 35 years of this 10 km public, green, and vibrant park, celebrating its diversity and connectivity.

Ajuntament de València, 2022.
In-house at Agència Districte.

Proyectos Artísticos y Multimedia

Publication for the exhibition PAMPAM!20 Proyectos Artísticos y Multimedia

Intern at Vice-Deanship of Culture, Facultat de Sant Carles BBAA UPV, 2021.

També depèn de tu

COVID awareness campaign for the Facultat de Belles Arts de Sant Carles UPV.  
Project carried out by the Vice-Deanship of Culture together with Sara Gurrea, in charge of the co-direction of the campaign and the copy.

Intern at Vice-Deanship of Culture, Facultat de Sant Carles BBAA UPV, 2021.

PAM! 21

PAM!21 IX Muestra de Producciones Artísticas y Multimedia is organized by the Vice-Deanship of Culture at the Faculty of Fine Arts, UPV, for master's students. The faculty transforms into an exhibition center, showcasing young artistic production from the university, prominently featuring in the Valencian art scene.

The Dossier for the jury, designed for this edition, has a practical purpose: it helps the jury locate and learn about the works, and it serves as an individual label for each piece.


Graphic designer at Simuero.

Head of design and creativity at Agència Districte.

Intern at Vicedecanato de Cultura de la Facultat de Belles Arts Sant Carles.

Freelance garphic designer.
With projects created for Universal Music Spain, the music producer Bruno Valverde or the German company Graphic Valley.

Graphic designer at València UPV iGEM.
Graphic identity and website design for Printeria, project awarded in the synthetic biology competition iGEM (Boston, USA).
Communication and awareness campaign development.


Bachelor's Degree in Design and Creative Technologies.
Univesitat Politècnica de València.

First year of Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts.
Univesitat Politècnica de València.


iGEM, Boston (EEUU)
Grand Prize, Best Wiki, Best New Application, Best Hardware, Best Software and Best Model.


Coordination and graphics for PAMPAM!20, Reales Atarazanas, Valencia.

Coordination for PAM!20, Online.

Selected clients

Ajuntament de València
Generalitat Valenciana
Universal Music Spain

DM at @joancasado